MIDNIGHT SIDE is a collective based on the need to promote efforts out of particular trends, with ideas, projects and productions referable to a shared principle of preciousness and quality. This line-up focuses on involvement of people who care about these interests and, ready to receive new entries, will share the activities with a motley public, keeping the free expression of his members as the main objective.

domenica 16 settembre 2012

bkwsk: 'Basement Sentinel' (103)

Midnight Side opens the new season with 'Basement Sentinel' EP by bkwsk, latest entry to the collective. The same style for a view on different approaches related to UK Garage music throughout the years: powerful driving synth chords and hard-hitting drums is what the urban 'Things As They Were' is all about; 'Sentinels' sounds heavier and darker, enriched of multiple effects; the ethereal 'Shadows Are Made Of Light' which takes a more gentle and relaxed approach with skippy drums, warm pads and vocal cut-ups. 'Basement Sentinel' as MSR 103 is now out with its good vibes, take it completely free:

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