MIDNIGHT SIDE is a collective based on the need to promote efforts out of particular trends, with ideas, projects and productions referable to a shared principle of preciousness and quality. This line-up focuses on involvement of people who care about these interests and, ready to receive new entries, will share the activities with a motley public, keeping the free expression of his members as the main objective.

giovedì 14 febbraio 2013

Albacore: 'Only In Love With You' (201)

It's Saint Valentine's Day... Midnight Side brings you some new music to play and people who truly love just can't miss it. To launch our latest catalogue section of singles, Albacore releases a wistful track already included in 'Love Theme' compilation previously mixed, a blend of various styles: harmonic filters, dull drums and a deep heartbreaking female vocal. Two different approaches complete the b-side of MSR 201 for the night late hours: a 'Dirty Hoe's' version by Full Level, with their usual warm and groovy sound; an electroclash debut remix by JK JR, our new entry directly from Chicago. Feel the vibes and take it for free:

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