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lunedì 3 agosto 2015

Hunter: 'Come Back To Me' (NGK003)

One of the most epic artist from our collective decided to bring a new big wave of freshness with his last single which signs our MSRNGK summer serie in such a miraculous way. Give your welcome back to Hunter and enjoy this gem called 'Come Back To Me', an incredible rarefied and ethereal tune for a real breath-taking experience of listening. We're pretty sure this kind of sound will seduce everyone who's a twilight lover: the slow mood, the breezy sensation of the wind from the sea, the sweet and melodic vocal... everything seems at the right place for another marvelous mix of true vibes. Listen and download this amazing single for free:


domenica 31 maggio 2015

Mr. Coquedeux: 'M0NT3NAP0L30N3' (NGK002)

We are ready to dive into Summer releasing a highly vibrating sound collection of rare grooves by our ace Mr. Coquedeux. The New MSRNGK002 is a long trip through vague and fantastic ambiences, where you can feel emotions and smell fragrances of a past time, going back to lost memories. The road which our italian talent decided to cut through is a dusty stretch straight to a blue sea, working with beaten down groovy samples and vintage tape effects. The result is M0NT3NAP0L30N3, a striking gathering of retouched loops appropriate to refresh days and nites of the upcoming season:

domenica 26 aprile 2015

Liquid Pegasus: 'City Saga' (F001)

Liquid Pegasus spent 8 years in post-bubble Tokyo and has captured his side of the city in this 'City Saga' EP. Far From the well-packaged fairytale quality of much of the music coming out of Japan's scene right now, he has a brand of electronic music that suits the moodier nocturnal feel of a crowded club filled with introspective dancers. The chugging 4/4 beats stomp over hollow arpeggiated bass lines and icy kalimbas that echos the steel and glass of the concrete jungle. There is a lonesome quality to these sogns, a mood that speaks to a beat-up determination, a bittersweet idealism that weaves its way through the neon dreams and throbbing desires of the city.