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domenica 7 settembre 2014

Je Couleur: 'Futurista' (117)

We're very excited to introduce you all the first MSR 1_ release by the young passionate producer from Mexico Je Couleur, a true genius of experimentation in suggestive and "spacey" music. What he likes to do is playing with low bpm in order to achieve various style of electronic music, from the kinetic break of 'Futurism Aesthetics', full of quick vocal cuts, through what can easily be considered one of the most hypnotic trip you could ever start: very deep vibes, dynamic basslines, classic and mellow piano chords. If you're ready to listen to the future, play it and download it for free:

domenica 10 agosto 2014

Albacore: 'My Beautiful Scar' (116)

A new turn has finally arrived in the middle of our Summer of releases. 'My Beautiful Scar' is the new precious 5-tracks EP by Albacore, a chronicle of skids and crushes narrated in solid beats and magical filtered samples from the 80s. These beatdowned and overpitched tunes can bring to you the rights feelings for living the rest of the sunny season at its best, enjoying a new romance, dancing some old and refined love chants turned into good-vibes slow dances. You can listen and download for 1€ each track on our new bandcamp page below!


Albacore - Declaration Of Love (official video)