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domenica 26 aprile 2015

Liquid Pegasus: 'City Saga' (F001)

Liquid Pegasus spent 8 years in post-bubble Tokyo and has captured his side of the city in this 'City Saga' EP. Far From the well-packaged fairytale quality of much of the music coming out of Japan's scene right now, he has a brand of electronic music that suits the moodier nocturnal feel of a crowded club filled with introspective dancers. The chugging 4/4 beats stomp over hollow arpeggiated bass lines and icy kalimbas that echos the steel and glass of the concrete jungle. There is a lonesome quality to these sogns, a mood that speaks to a beat-up determination, a bittersweet idealism that weaves its way through the neon dreams and throbbing desires of the city.

lunedì 16 marzo 2015

Sondi: 'One Night' (NGK001)

We start a new season of releases still giving you some music from the soul. SONDI's One Night extremely nocturnal EP as the warmest thing to introduce you the MSR NGK serie for different styles low bpm tracks. Passionate vibes, sweet notes, intimate feelings all night long.

«I call it the one night ep because I just feel that you can make love and cuddle to it»

Enjoy this new start, listen and download for free the release on our bandcamp page:

domenica 25 gennaio 2015

Mercier: 'Soap' (209)

With this polished MSR 209 single release we want to introduce you all Mercier, the eclectic musician from Germany who debuts on our label with a very smooth house track called 'Soap'. He believes «that quality club music can and should be performed live» so he made this beautiful jam the same way too, worked on different piano, bass and drums lines. The result is an incredibly charming sound, thanks to mellow chords and a catchy rhodes riff hard to keep out of mind. Two remixes complete the pack, a deep and warm version by J Sweet and the bold, whirling remix by Combo Reseller. Grab the release for free: