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venerdì 6 novembre 2015

Groove Selecta: 'This Is For You' (F003)

We're proud to present a very special new entry for our MSRF_ serie. House vibrations in their early 90s form are back nowadays thanks to the skillful personality of Groove Selecta, the New York City based producer of this 2-tracks release, a  slightly rave tune on one hand and a clubby one on the other side. If you are looking for something more than tidy drum lines here's a beatiful double that has the power to fully sorround you with a mysterious, dark and enveloping sound. Enjoy this uncommon work, listen and download for free the amazing 'This Is For You':

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Mr. Coquedeux: 'ƩTOIXEIA' (NGK005)

We needed to say goodbye to the warm season  releasing some music which suited in the perfect way the mood of melancholy and doubt for a new time to come. 'ƩTOIXEIA' it's definitely the right EP to let you feel all this, a monumental and praising the jazz myths blow evocating mellowness and tenderness as well, thanks once again to the classy vibrations guaranteed when  our ace Mr. Coquedeux makes beats. It's not easy to listen to these clouding loops one-off as the capacity of their melodies is that to disclose the exact fleeting memory no one wants to forget. It's the moment for an intimate listening, download this softness for free:

giovedì 17 settembre 2015

MA BOARD OLYMPIC: 'Erotic Museum' (NGK004)

MA BOARD OLYMPIC has joined our side with a very sweet present called 'Erotic Museum', a gathering of dusty and glamorous vaporwave pills. As MSRNGK004, the 10-tracks album is like a colored jukebox from outer space: you can choose your favourite atmosphere and sound, passing through blurry and bubbly melodies to  payback and emphatic feelings. Beatdown style is the common denominator for a very hot release. These precious tunes are made from the heart with love, enjoy 'Erotic Museum' for free: