MIDNIGHT SIDE is a collective based on the need to promote efforts out of particular trends, with ideas, projects and productions referable to a shared principle of preciousness and quality. This line-up focuses on involvement of people who care about these interests and, ready to receive new entries, will share the activities with a motley public, keeping the free expression of his members as the main objective.

mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Mokujin & TinyURL: 'In Rain' (202)

Midnight Side keeps on giving you tracks for free in the form of its newest single format, and this time it's the Mokujin turn, the brilliant Uk garage producer from London now residing in Berlin, in collaboration with the vocalist TinyURL. 'In Rain' is a bunch of several styles for the same track (from a 4x4 garage house version to a cosmic, future VIP one), a fusion of past, present and future, also called by the artist a 'Phantom Rave', in which he conveyd any of his different sources of inspiration: music, street art, video games and anime. Don't waste other time, listen and download the release to enjoy the charming sound of Mokujin:

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